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Curtain Wall Hardware Series Special Topic III

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Curtain Wall Hardware Series Special Topic III

Special Topic Three of Curtain Wall Opening Sash Hardware Series

Innovative Smart Selection

3H HARDWARE curtain wall hardware series meets the diverse needs of modern architecture

Pay attention to 3H HARDWARE  and move towards a new era of green and intelligent buildings.

curtain wall hardware 1

Curtain wall outwards opening window hardware solution

Friction positioning, open at any angle

and open at the large angle when the wind surges in

curtain wall hardware 2

For safety reasons, it is recommended to limit the opening angle if the window width exceeds 600MM.

HHJ11 hinge

Optimized trajectory, smooth opening guaranteed with a maximum load capacity of 80KG and a maximum opening angle of 80 degrees

curtain wall hardware 3

Hidden frame curtain wall effect on facade

Minimalist, frameless, harmonious and beautiful

Curtain Wall Inwards Opening Window Hardware System

Fine life starts from the window

curtain wall hardware 4

YNC01 Concealed Hinge

Three-dimensional fine adjustment, better sealing, maximum load-bearing 80KG, maximum opening angle 98.5 degrees

curtain wall hardware 5

Up and down adjustable

Left and right adjustable

Front and rear adjustable

Curtain Wall Casement  Window Customized Hinges

Can be customized according to customers’ profile structure

curtain wall hardware 6

High quality and high strength 6063 extruded aluminum profile

High quality 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion and weather-resistant        


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