What Is Window Hinge
Do you really know the window hinge?In terms of applicable scope or the different kinds of material,let’s check what is the window hinge.
What is the window hinge?Window hinges use the friction to keep windows open at the required angle.Thus,the window hinge is the most important part of the window hardware accessories.

Due to the different opening types of window,the window hinges can also be divided into three types.
By the way,the window hinges can be divided into Aluminum window hinge,UPVC window hinge in accordance with the different materials of window.And due to the different types of window groove,the window hinge can also be divided into the European Standard window hinge and no-milling grooved window hinge.

Casement Window Hinge

According to the different window profiles,the casement window can be used the butt hinge,adjustable casement hinge or friction stay hinge.

The casement hinge is installed on the rotating side of the door and window sash.But the friction stay is installed on the upper and bottom of casement windows.

Awning Window Hinge

Genenally speaking,the awning window is used the friction stay or limiter friction stay,the hinge is not commonly used.Take the top hung window as an example,the friction stay is installed at the upper corner of the window,and the limiter stay is installed at the bottom corner or middle bottom of the top hung window.
In the same window,the position of friction stay hinge is relatively fixed,but the limiter friction stay can be maximum adjustable under the window,its length and installing position can decide the opening angle of window.

Tilt and Turn Window Hinge

And for the tilt and turn window,the pivot hinges are commonly used.
The tilt and turn window hinge is including the upper pivot hinge and bottom pivot hinge,
they works to make the window to the inwards opening situation.
Types Of Window Hinge
Bottom Hung Window
Top Hung Window
Tilt Window
Casement Window
Tilt Turn Window
Which Window Hinge Do I Need
 Check the weight of window,and choose the window hinge with correct load bearing.

Check the notch to choose detachable hinge or friction stay hinge.Normally,the pivot hinge and limiter stay can be chosen for the tilt turn window and tilt windonw ,the friction stay can be chosen for top hung windonw,bottom hung window and casement window,but the casement window can also choose the detachable hinge.

Above the seventh floors,the friction stay is recommendated.
How To Install Window Hinges
  • 01 / Characteristic
    1.1  No need to distinguish left and right, easy installation
    1.2  Full rolling bearing, noiseless
    1.3  Adjustable closing force, humanized and safety
    1.4  High efficiency hydraulic system, longer service life
  • 02 / Installation Instruction
    2.1 Turn clockwise with a hexagon wrench until it does not move at the scale line 16mm. Hinge can open to 75°automatically.
    2.2 Open the hinge to 120°manually. Turn counterclockwise with a hexagon wrench to the scale line 4-8mm.

    2.3 Clamp the hinge on the profile and use a drill with ¢3-¢3.3 to drill the holes on the profile in advance. After drilling,install the screws .
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