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Curtain Wall Hardware Series Special Topic Ⅱ

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Curtain Wall Hardware Series Special Topic

Special Topic Ⅱ of Curtain Wall Opening Sash Hardware Series

Innovative Smart Selection

3H HARDWARE curtain wall hardware series meets the diverse needs of modern architecture

Pay attention to 3H HARDWARE and move towards a new era of green and intelligent buildings.

70° super wide opening ,ensures smooth flow of fire smoke exhaust

Perfectly matched with electric window opener and real-time linkage fire protection system to protect safety every moment

3h curtain wall hardware 1

HHKXD series friction stay

Various specifications available, maximum load-bearing 80KG, maximum opening at 70°

3h curtain wall hardware 2

HHJ10 curtain wall hanging window hinge

Patented product: ZL-202221194712.8

75° maximum opening, large channel, efficient firefighting and smoke exhaust, excellent weather resistance, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, withstands more than 480 hours of C5 level neutral salt spray severe test, super load-bearing, maximum load-bearing up to 120Kg

3h curtain wall hardware 3

Suspended opening custom hinges, personalized customization, flexible adaptation

According to customer's profile structure

Professional customization of opening hinges for top-hung windows (JX152 and WJX73 to meet the individual needs of users)

3h curtain wall hardware 4

Preferred profiles·Weather-resistant and corrosion-resistant

3h curtain wall hardware 5

High Quality and High Strength · 6063 Extruded Aluminum Profile · High Quality 304 Stainless Steel

We will continue to update and launch more curtain wall opening fan hardware systems

Stay looking forwards to!


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